Health Benefits for Members

Through our partners, The Latino Coalition offers a full spectrum of insurance products to individuals, families and businesses. The low prices, superior customer service, and completeness of our product offerings offer you the very best in health insurance products.

Individual & Family Health Insurance

Full Choice of Plans and Deductible Levels
Choose a health insurance plan that is right for your needs and your budget.

You can choose traditional health coverage with familiar features like office visit copayments and after deductible coverage. Or you can choose a plan with a HSA that allows you to contribute to a Health Savings Account.

Our partner: eHealthInsurance

Life Insurance

Save up to 80% When You Compare Rates
A gift of love. Life insurance is essential protection for anyone who is a family breadwinner but who has minimal savings.

Term life insurance covers specific needs that disappear over time (term): income replacement, financial security for dependents, mortgage protection, college funding, final/burial expenses.

Our partner: Quality Term Life

Small Business Group Health Insurance

Comprehensive Group Medical Coverage for Yourself and Your Employees
Offering group health insurance can help you hire and retain the best workers, and the amount you pay toward employee premiums is commonly tax-deductible.

No one can be turned down based on medical history, so group coverage protects those who might otherwise go uninsured.

Our partner: eHealthInsurance

Medicare Advantage

Get Additional Benefits and More Options than Original Medicare
Medicare Advantage plans cover all of the services that your Original Medicare covers but may include additional benefits such as:

Prescription drug coverage; Vision, dental, and/or hearing benefits; or Health and wellness programs.

Our partner: PlanPrescriber


Close the gap! Medigap Helps Cover Costs that Medicare Doesn't
A Medigap plan supplements your Medicare.

This means it helps pay costs like co-payments, coinsurance, and deductibles. [Note: Medigap doesn't help if you have a Medicare Advantage plan]

Our partner: PlanPrescriber

Dental Insurance

Keep Smiling! Dental Insurance Offers Discounts on Maintenance and Repair

A dental plan helps you keep your teeth and gums healthy and minimizes the impact of unexpected expenses by providing substantial discounts on visits and procedures.

Our partner: ehealthinsurance

Vision Insurance

Vision Insurance Helps Pay for Regular Checkups and Eyewear

Vision insurance helps offset the costs of routine checkups as well as to help pay for glasses and contacts that may be prescribed by the optometrist.

Our partner: ehealthinsurance