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A new study finds that an unnecessarily large number of Americans are passing on getting life insurance because they think that their pre-existing medical conditions make them to unhealthy to be accepted by insurers. The truth is that affordable insurance is readily available.

Who isn't insured that could be?

The study found that 54% of 18 year olds and 54% of 64 year olds with common existing health problems don't have life insurance. They also reported that they were doubtful enough being able to be accepted for insurance that they hadn't even thought to look into getting it.

The conditions that were asked about in the survey were: anxiety, asthma, depression, high cholesterol, hypertension, weight problems and sleep apnea. For each of these it was reported reported that 40 - 50% hold no life insurance.

Conditions that were high-risk, aren't any longer

The fact is that medical progress and the availability of preventative programs allow many people with chronic conditions to live long and productive lives. In step with that, the insurance companies have found it reasonable (and profitable - because people aren't dying) to provide preferred rates to those whose health conditions are managed and stable.

Health poor and unstable?
You can still get up to $100,000 of life coverage

To qualify you must 1) be working a minimum of 20 hours per week, 2) maintain an ACTIVE ABA membership ($39.95/mo). ABA membership includes $10,000 of term life insurance. Additional term life coverage, up to $100,000, is available at additional cost with NO medical exam and No medical questions, ever.

How to get insured - now that you know you can

If you are someone who has put off looking into buying insurance because of doubts due to health concerns, you can take steps now to joining the ranks of life insurance owners.

  • Speak with an advisor who can help you find insurers with products that have tailored to factor in your managed health issue. Quality Term Life advisors understand you situation and are here to help 1-855-707-5433
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